Work Completed

Installation of break tank and booster set to improve incoming mains water flow rate and pressure.

2 x HW unvented HW Cylinders.

2 x Hot Water Secondary return circuits – This is a continuously pumped loop of Hot water, which ensure a quick draw off when there is demand at each tap.

1 x Spriro-Tec Low Loss Header & Air Dirt Separator – This is a buffer of primary hot water ready to be distributed to each zone when there is demand.

5 x independently controlled zones with commissioning sets to regulate the flow rates to each zone.

1 x water softener to soften water to hot water cylinders and cold taps ( apart from sinks in kitchen / Utility & Filling loop.

1 x Lifting station – this pumps the over flow and pressure reliefs from the water softener to the ground floor SVP

Project Images